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Youth Action Movement

Creating meaningful Jewish experiences for teens.

About Us

Since March of 2012, Rabbi Zevi and Musy New have dedicated themselves to empowering and energizing Jewish teens from all over the San Diego area. They created YAM to help teens recognize the relevance to their Jewish identities and empower them to achieve their lifetime goals. Through experiential models of learning, YAM enables teens to develop their understanding of what it means to live with a sense of purpose and commitment to Jewish values. These experiences provide teens with an important framework to flourish as young adults.

The success of the Youth Action Movement lies in combining healthy social settings and positive attitude towards Jewish practice. YAM offers a unique taste of Judaism--in sync with the perspective of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that no action--or Mitzvah--is too little; every Jew possesses a unique journey and purpose in life. 

Our Mission

The Youth Action Movement is a community center that offers a variety of high-quality programs, designed for teens to gain meaningful Jewish experiences throughout High School.

Our Vision

We envision empowered teens engaged in vibrant Judaism and our society through communal belonging, global responsibility and personal growth.

Teen Community Shabbat
'Shabbat in the Park'

Join Jewish teens from all across San Diego as we celebrate Shabbat with joy and vibrance, and experience the power of our ever-growing YAM community.



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