"Teenage years can be tricky. It’s the age where it feels like everything is happening at the same time: the good, the bad and the ugly. The key is to point the teen in the right direction. As a parent, it is extremely difficult. Teens rarely want to listen to their parents. However, if the guiding hand is a cool and fun-loving Rabbi Zevi New and his wife Musy, who is the driving force behind the Youth Action Movement (“YAM”), it’s a different story. Yam is an organization that helps teens find their true path in life. It creates profound experiences, ranging from getting together for fun Shabbat dinners, going on inspirational trips, packing Thanksgiving meals for homeless shelters, coming up with various ideas how to help anyone in need and improve the community. YAM’s main goal is to teach the teens how to make the world a better place. I couldn’t be happier that my daughter is an integral part of YAM. She is always looking forward to get together with her YAM friends, either for a fun dinner or for a project to help the ones in need. Thanks to YAM she started appreciating what she has in life and is eager to help others. By encompassing social education and humanitarian activities, YAM helps the teen find their path in the best possible way.

- Elina C.

“Being a part of Youth Action Movement has honestly changed my life for the better. I have gained so many new friends and been involved in so many new experiences from this group. I am so proud to be involved in such a powerful group with some of the most inspirational Jewish teenagers out there. Never did I expect to fall in love with a program the way I have with YAM. I look forward to the monthly Shabbat dinners and feel such a connection attending them. I know that at the Shabbat dinners I am able to go up to anyone who is attending and talk to them, everyone at these dinners are so kind and welcoming. Shabbat One was the start to another amazing year of Youth Action Movement events and I cannot wait to continue helping to connect Jewish teens and help the group grow. Thank you YAM, for everything you have taught me!”

- Talia S.

“I was reluctant to go to my first Teen Community Shabbat because I thought that I wouldn't fit in, I didn't know the religion well enough, I was scared of meeting new people, and I overall didn't know what to expect. However, overcoming those fears and going to my first TCS in December of 2017 was probably the best decision I made all year. When I walked in, Zevi already knew my name and quickly introduced me to an amazing community that was gathered at his house. I instantly realized that I fit in simply because I was a Jew. It didn't matter what type of Jew because, as I soon learned, "labels are for clothing." The experience at TCS was so amazing that I jumped on the opportunity to become a Youth Action Movement Captain and have been spreading the word to all of my friends since then. I hope you'll be able to join us at the next TCS because I know that I'm not going to miss it!”

- Dan M.

“YAM has helped me grow as an individual as I continue to pursue my passion of helping others, alongside a group of people who are just as dedicated and feverous as I am.”

 - Stephie W.